About In the Hole

by Ben Levin

Life goes from great to worst for nine-year-old David Kimball when his father loses the family restaurant. Then, David loses his prized possessions. Finally, after a basketball victory, the Kimball’s house goes too. Forced to live in a borrowed car until it, too, is taken, David, Mom, Dad, and sister, Julia, seek shelter. A derelict inn with other homeless folks drives home the reality that David is in the hole. Poverty is more than David can take! Bullied by peers, David deals with his father’s alcoholism. As a young athlete clinging to hope, David works harder than ever. Soon stronger, he finds ways to support his family. Through thick and thin, teammates stand by him as his best friend Justin O’Malley leads the charge.

David and his family face the biggest challenge of all when Julia slips into a coma from lack of nourishment. Terrified he may lose his beloved little sister, how does David help his family out of the hole of homelessness?

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