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Ben’s message to children and teens to accept and embrace who you are and to follow your dreams is captured across the web.

Here are the latest news items showcasing Ben’s story. (And click here to see Ben on NJ Channel 12!)

Ben Levin Appears on the Anderson Center for Autism

February 25, 2022|

Ben discusses a profound change he went through during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. His outlook and message about his status as a person with autism, has become one of self-embrace after many years of feeling “less than” as a result of his diagnosis.

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Praise for In the Hole

Check out Ben’s breakout YA novel, depicting a child’s experience of homelessness.

“Ben Levin has written an important book that opens a critical window into homelessness for young readers.”

– Maria Foscarinis Esq.
Founder of National Homelessness Law Center and Lecturer in Law at Columbia

“This book should be in the hands of all upper elementary school and middle school students.”

– Diane C. O’Keeffe
Retired Principal of the Beechwood Knoll School, Retired Fifth Grade Teacher

“Walking the marathon of homelessness in David’s worn-down basketball shoes truly teaches the reader the importance of unwavering trust in the face of adversity. You won’t want to put the book down, and when you finally do – you’ll want to make a difference for the less fortunate.”

– Laurence Koodin
High School Senior, Suffern, NY

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